Afrodaddy's Jazz Club

Portland Oregon's only jazz nightclub created and owned by a woman of color! A full service restaurant featuring a millenial take on the jazz scene!

A Jazzclub in the NE Portland's Soul Dustrict.

The Hype is Real!!


 I have never seen a club so committed to keeping the art of jazz alive. The club owners have personally scouted the Portland music scene for months now. They have found the pockets of real jazz that need to be brought to the public. This club will be an electric current of the highest quality players and music that Portland may have seen yet. I can already feel the buzz in my veins.”        

--Stephanie Kitson | Voice and Piano Instructor HOFFMAN ACADEMY PORTLAND


“I am terrifically excited for the arrival Afrodaddy’s Jazz Club. A new jazz club would be exciting regardless of the people behind the scenes. But the owner and her sons are what make this venue most exciting. A minority-owned and operated jazz club in a burgeoning area of town is exactly what the Portland jazz scene needs. Carmen knows her stuff, and is going to make Afrodaddy’s thrive. It will be a cultural beacon of Northest Portland.”

            --Ryan Meagher | Programming Director    MONTAVILLA JAZZ FESTIVAL


“Afrodaddy's with its superb location, strong leadership and clear vision, stands positioned to be a major hotspot for Portland's expanding jazz scene.”

-- Peter Qualtere-Burcher |  LOCAL JAZZ ARTIST


"Supporting Afrodaddy's in a no-brainer if you want more live jazz and more diversity in Portland. The founders have the right skills, the right vision and the right spirit to build a young, multi-ethnic jazz community in our city." 

--Gene Forte | DirectorJAZZ SOCIETY OF OREGON


“We are so excited to have Afrodaddy's Jazz Club come to Portland! It is exactly the kind of establishment that this city needs.”

-- Dan Bolton | Keyboardist THE BUSINESS OF PLEASURE


“Sounds like a great mission your organization is embarking on; especially about empowering communities of color with the Jazz tourism industry.”



“For the immeasurable impact that people of color have on the arts, music and culture of this city, there is a dearth of minority-owned businesses—especially entertainment venues like live music clubs. The jazz community was hit hard by the recent loss of Portland's mainstay jazz club (as well as one of its biggest proponents), and many musicians and patrons are seeking a new home for their arts and entertainment. With the addition of Afrodaddy's Jazz Club in the very neighborhood that once hosted Portland's thriving, historic jazz scene, I am inspired by Afrodaddy's initiative—an honest, homegrown endeavor run by locals from the area—and excited about what it can bring not just to the neighborhood and music scene, but the city as a whole.” 

--Chris Young | Editor-In-ChiefVORTEX MUSIC MAGAZINE


“We support the establishment of Afrodaddy’s Jazz Club as a vital addition to the live Jazz scene in Portland. That is why the Jazz Society of Oregon enthusiastically supports the establishment of the Afrodaddy’s Jazz Club in Northeast Portland. As a business owned and operated by Black entrepreneurs, we believe it deserves the support of the Portland Development Commission to enable Afrodaddy’s Jazz Club to become a magnet for the continued growth of the Jazz tradition in Portland.”        

--Gene Forte | DirectorJAZZ SOCIETY OF OREGON


"The opening of Afrodaddy’s jazz club is just what the Portland jazz scene needs. Carmen Blanchard and her sons are on a quest to bring jazz and good food to the next generation of jazz aficionados and they will succeed!"

--Neil Mattson | Executive Director  MONTAVILLA JAZZ FESTIVAL


“I just read in the Willamette Week about your club and your plans. SO EXCITING. Like, crazy cool. Thank you for doing this. Portland needs this!”



"Hi Ms. Blanchard: My name’s Chad and I’m a writer for Eater PDX. I was having beers the other day with a former editor of mine (Chris, from Vortex Magazine), and he told me about your plans for a new jazz club on MLK.  He told me about your mission of brining jazz back to the neighborhood and nurturing African-American entrepreneurship and I’d love to let our readers know what your plans are for a story I’m writing about restaurants and clubs trying to keep the spirit of jazz alive in this town, especially with Jimmy Mak’s passing and Portland Prime closing.

Would this be something you’d be interested in sharing?”

                    --Chad Walsh | Editor of Chief   EATER PDX


I'm live in the neighborhood and am very excited about your new venue. If your webpage is any indication, this is going to be a cool spot. Looking forward to taking in the music there.”

                   -- Chance Wooley -- (Sent via Afrodaddy's Jazz Club)


“I was given your contact info by Judy Tibbles, and I am interested in booking gigs at your club.”

                     --Marilyn Keller -- (Sent via Afrodaddy's Jazz Club)


“I just relocated to Portland 3yrs ago, and have been looking for a place where I can Find my People:). I had just given a Lyft to a customer, and he suggest looking into this New Spot coming soon Afro Daddy Jazzy Club. Much success and Blessings!” 

-- Eustace Robinson -- (Sent via Afrodaddy's Jazz Club)


“I'm very excited to hear that another jazz venue is opening up in town, thank you for helping keep the music alive!”

               -- Matthew Sizma -- (Sent via Afrodaddy's Jazz Club)