Afrodaddy's Jazz Club

Portland Oregon's only jazz nightclub created and owned by a woman of color! A full service restaurant featuring a millenial take on the jazz scene!

A Jazzclub in the NE Portland's Soul Dustrict.

Week 1: Pharoah Sanders Live May 21, 1992

 As a weekly feature, we've decided to dig into Afrodaddy's hard drive and liberate some jazz! and when you aint looking some Prince!!

We will select tracks that give an ear into Afrodaddy’s love for live jazz performance. Give a feel for what the Afrodaddy stage will bring too the community. Shine light on the lane cleared over twenty years ago for Afrodaddy’s Management Team and vision. So look for us every week and we will continue too keep your iPod full!

Our first live jazz track is Equinox by Pharaoh Sanders live at Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento, CA on May 21, 1992. This set is with the great piano player William Henderson. Together they fill the stage with so much and without reservation. aside from the track Pharoah chose to play, the quality would spoil any live performance hobbyist!   

According to Afrodaddy’s “Pharaoh Guy”, Pharaoh played this song on occasion in 92’ and fortunately it was recorded this time! Although not surprising since Sanders and Henderson were the opening act for the Grateful Dead. Let it be known now, “deadheads” have the best quality and wildest live jazz on hard drive!! Lol

We are certain, this track will make any jazz enthusiast close their eyes and smile. Truly a favorite from the Afrodaddy archive. We are honored to share. Enjoy!

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