Afrodaddy's Jazz Club

Portland Oregon's only jazz nightclub created and owned by a woman of color! A full service restaurant featuring a millenial take on the jazz scene!

A Jazzclub in the NE Portland's Soul Dustrict.

Week 2: John Coltrane live in 62'

For this "track of the week." I've decided to slow it down with The John Coltrane Quartet live at Stefaniensall,  Graz, Austria, November 28, 1962.

The rhythm section is kickin' on this track! Jimmy Garrison on bass, Elvin Jones on drums and McCoy Tyner on the piano compliment Trane's melodies on Soprano Saxophone. Coltrane is in a musical place so deep that two and half minutes into the track you can hear him as he walks away from the mic to give Tyner the floor. A beautiful tune indeed!!

This show was released in 1991 by the Luxembourg label, Magnetic Records. They specialized in rare live jazz recordings and released this track on the CD - John Coltrane ‎– The Complete Graz Concert Vol. 1.

What's interesting about Magnetic Records is that between 1990-93, they released 31 rare recording albums and then fell off the map. They most likely stopped distributing because all were "private tapes."

after 91' the Graz Concert had become an official "liberated boot" and fair game to trade. I emphasize TRADE, selling bootlegs in the underground live recording world is called a TRAITOR NOT a trader! lol

Prior to this show being "liberated", I only had this track. Some cats can be real stingy so I gave up three Sun Ra shows for this!! I think he felt sorry for me because this 1944 Cole Porter tune became my favorite ballad Coltrane had played. A true Afrodaddy classic played on those raining Portland nights....Enjoy!