Afrodaddy's Jazz Club

Portland Oregon's only jazz nightclub created and owned by a woman of color! A full service restaurant featuring a millenial take on the jazz scene!

A Jazzclub in the NE Portland's Soul Dustrict.


Tyson Blanchard

Promotions Manager

Tyson is a native of Portland, OR where he is educated in Journalism and Public Speaking. Tyson’s strengths in creative and conceptual planning will present Afrodaddy's Jazz as the hippest club in town!

Tyson's millennial“experience oriented” business strategies will prove his marketing execution is a lifestyle, not a career!




Kwame Blanchard

Restaurant Manager

Kwame is a native of Portland, OR where he is educated and trained as a Culinary Chef. Kwame‘s professional commitment to Oregon’s Agriculture Industry will allow a well selection of foods and beverages to complement his creative menus.

Kwame’s millennial take on Portland Cuisine will have Afrodaddy's Jazz Club standing on the outer edge of casual dining.




Stephen Blanchard JR.

Events Manager

Stephen is a native of Portland, OR. who is educated in Building Construction Technology. His training and experience in facilities maintenance will support Afrodaddy’s daily operational needs. 

Stephen's certification as a Private Security Professional ensures his commitment to full business transparency and provide every patron an opportunity to participate and observe the Afrodaddy “experience.”